Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

I have read several posts over the past weeks written by my bloggy friends who participate in "Thankful Thursdays". I haven't participated prior to today... but there has been something on my heart this week that I am thankful for, and I wanted to post about it! I understand the guidelines for thankful Thursday is to list 5 things you are thankful for during the current week.

Today I want to focus on one... that will lead to a list of 5 more things I am thankful for. (I know that's 6) :)

A few of my Siestas are either in the midst of, or are starting Bible studies in the days or week to come. Oh how the Scriptures speak! With that... here is my "thankful" list for you fellow students of God.

1.) I am thankful for those God has callen to facilitate a Bible Study...

The bravery and strength God gives you to step out of the boat to do this is amazing! Whether it's your first time as a leader or you have been leading for many years... I am praising God for you today and I prayed for you this morning.

2.) I am thankful for those who make the study of Scripture their way of life.

The life in Christ God so desires for us!

3.) I am thankful for those who, for the first time, are participating in a Bible study.

I can remember back to the first Bible study I participated in... The book of Daniel (whew - picked an easy book didn't I) It was in the early 90's. Prior to that I always was afraid to join a study - in my mind, I thought I didn't know enough about the Bible to join a group. And then it hit me... ummm, that's why they call it Bible STUDY - so I can learn! A few years later - I was leading studies. Now that's something I never thought would happen, but God sure knew that it would. So if you are afraid to join a group, fear not friend... your life will be changed by what God has to say to you in scripture!

4.) I am thankful for the thousands of studies available to us and for those gifted to write those studies.

5.) And finally, and most importantly, I am thankful for Scripture... for God's Word... our guide, our road map... oh where would I be without it! That the Ancient Words impart... soak up the Faithful Words of God!

This is one of those songs that makes my heart well up! It's for you friends.

With much love,


Kim... and Her Coffee said...

I love your heart my Friend and I love this post of yours.

Hoping you are having a wonderful day!!!

Sending Hugs & Love to you,

Yolanda said...


What an AWESOME list of thanksgivings...awesome.

My first bible study, was scary, I was the new kid on the block. Eager to learn, and not having a clue where any of the books of the bible were at. So I believe we started in Proverbs....this was in the late 90's. And I'm forever grateful for each one I've participated in....God's word comes alive more and more every day to me.

Love YOU,

Tracy said...

You are such a precious woman of God! It is truly amazing the treasures and blessings that are ours because of studying God's Word, isn't it? You are a wonderful encourager and friend. = )

Sweet blessings,

Susan said...

Oh this was so special Kristen!!

Wow, I love that song!! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Blessings to you my friend♥

Donna's Book Nook said...

Thank you for this uplifting post. I know that studying God's Word is the only way to have a close relationship with Him.

Blessings on you. I appreciate your sweet spirit. Donna

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

Great list,and I agree!!!

Also...I've been doing thankful thursday and didn't realize you were supposed to list 5 things!!! I guess things really work best when you read the directions!!! Ha!

Hope you're having a great day!!!
God Bless!!

Nana2six said...

Kristen - what a beautiful sentiment this is. You gave me a whole new list to be thankful for!

I am right in the middle of Esther and I love it! Praise God for His Word. Praise Him for Yolanda! I love to get her "take" on Esther as she is ahead of me in the study...

Have a great night,

Carol said...

This is a wonderful list. I'm grateful to for those who lead bible study, and for those who have shared and inspired us all.


Letters From Midlife said...

I can only say amen to your post. The Lord has really been teaching me that His word is alive and active. Scripture says that heaven and earth will pass away before one stroke of God's word is not true so it is important that we study what He says.

Falling Around said...

I happened upon your blog, and this was the first post to greet my eyes! A beautiful post indeed!

Thank you for these words on thankfulness. It encouraged my heart.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I've said this before, but nearly 6 years ago, I had a head-on collision with the power of God's Word. Since that time, I can't seem to get enough of it. Even though I grew up in the church and had a Bible readily available to me at every turn, I hadn't yet fully tasted of its worth. Now that's a sacred intersection worth talking about!

Your comment made me cry today as I thought about the magnificent weavings of our God that would, indeed, intersect an Indiana girl with an NC transplant. It's been my privilege, friend.

You're the real deal.