Monday, February 9, 2009

Take it to the Lord ~ Week 2

What a privelege it was this past week to lift so many of you and your requests up in prayer. I do pray you felt God's presence, comfort and peace this past week. Again this morning I lifted each one of you from last week up by name. There is so much I learned this last week. The joy of praying for you, the joy it gives God when we pray - and our desire to become more intimate with Him. And... not to forget to lift my own little self up in prayer. By Friday the enemy knew what was up - and boy did he try to launch and attack. I hadn't really been paying attention to something that had been keeping my heart in bondage for a few months. It was one of those things that I had shoved to the back burner, hadn't laid it our for Him to handle... so the enemy saw the crack and tried to weasel his slimy way in. After falling into a heap... in tears the Lord lifted me up. With the words of scripture and His comforting arms. Yes, I learned not to forget to also pray for myself. I also had not started my day w/ the workbook and prayer as I had all week long. I thought - "well I am home today, so I will have my prayer time after lunch." Not that I had to do it in the morning, but it obviously was a morning I really needed to!

Psalm 55:22 Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee:

In the midst of some of those Friday tears, while trying to clean house, emotions boiling over, I went to wipe down a coaster I had made from a stone tile and a stamp. (I had spilled some hot cocoa on the coaster - go figure) Those words were stamped right there on the coaster. That's when I fell into a heap. I called my husband - I am sure he was barely able to understand what I was trying to say because of all the bawling. I was telling him that the Lord is so good to me and knows exactly what I need at exactly the right time. Jim then started to talk about that day's devotion that I hadn't opened yet. So yes, I stopped everything and went to the Lord in prayer. And the first verse listed for that day was another verse that I NEEDED at that exact time. What a friend we have in Jesus friends!

So today begins Week 2

I would love to pray for you, your family, friend, church, work... you name it. Either leave a comment or prayer request by clicking the comment link at the bottom of this post, or feel free to send me an email.
As I lift you in prayer this week, I ask you to do the same for me. Also for the many members of my church who are doing the same thing - a focus on prayer and our intimate relationship w/ God.

The prayer chain is growing and I can't wait to take a picture and show it to you all after the 6 week workbook focus is complete!

Oh, and one more thing - our small group meets for the first time this week as well. Wednesday at 6:45. If you could pray for our group by name: Kristen, Jim, Dale, Tonja, Larry, Sandy, Dale, Judy, Anna & Jason... I would be so appreciative! I am so excited to be leading our group in this journey of prayer! What an adventure it will be!

Love you all!


Yolanda said...


Good morning! I have God-skin thinking about HOW and WHEN He is going to answer all those prayers on the delightful chain that will be built in the next 6 weeks. Thy will and way Lord, thy will and way.

Love to you,

Deare Diary said...

God is so awesome and knows just what we need and exactly when we need it. Please go to my blog to see the request that I have for prayer. Thanks so much.

Sarah said...

I was just getting ready to email you about praying when I checked my comments! Since we were out of town and then this, this morning, I haven't had a chance to catch up on my blogs I visit, including yours!

Appreciate so much your prayers!

AR said...

Thanks for the opportunity, Kristen, to "join the chain." Yes, I will pray for your intimate relationship with Jesus and for the commencement of your small group. You can minister to me by praying for my intimate relationship with Jesus, protection for my son, Josh, my study on Thurs. at 9:30 a.m., and my blog. Yikes... don't let me overwhelm you! I just want to make a greater impact for Him!

God bless... Ann

Carol said...

Hi Kristen,

What a beautiful post, isn't it awesome when God just shows you a verse or a song you need at that moment.

I've been praying for you, and will continue to pray for your Group as well.

I would appreciate prayers for God to continue to restore my health, and for a deeper relationship with Him, and some quiet time for my husband and I.

Thanks friend.


Donna's Book Nook said...

Thank you for your prayers. I am so excited about what the Lord is already doing in your life and what an impact this will have for all of you and those you are praying for.

It's so like the Lord to provide what we need exactly when we need it! I will continue to pray for you and for your group. Donna

Christy said...


You are so sweet and you always know how to offer those words of encouragement. I appreciate you so much!

Carolina Mama said...

Your blog looks sooo good. Love your new picture and look. I know I told you before but I super like it.

What a great idea praying for the studies. We just commenced Part II "God Meant It For Good - The Life of Joseph" It is phenonmenal.

p.s. What a Friend We have in Jesus is my favorite hymn. :)

Joanie said...

Good Morning Kristen!
I find comfort in reading your passages, and I completely understood how God steps in at exactly the right time with the right message for each of us. I'm so glad you are staying strong, and I've prayed for you and your prayer group that is meeting on Wednesday...that He be present and a comfort and encourager to you all. If you don't mind praying for me again this week, if you could just ask Him to find me, and help me develop a deeper more intimate relationship with Him through prayer, friends, and a church. Thanks Kristen....hugs, Joanie

Letters From Midlife said...

I just posted about the bad day I had yesterday and last night. The enemy sure knows how to get us where it hurts. I'll be praying for you and your group. My prayer concern is the same...hubby's job. He still has it and for that I give the Lord credit. Still, they need to see more work come in.

much2ponder said...

Thank you Kristen for opening your life up to us. It means a lot to know I am talking and sharing with a real live person who is genuine and real. You bless me so much. I will do my best to remember you also in my prayers each time your face pops into my head. You are a sweet and caring person. I ask you to pray for me to have courage in the face of fear this week. Thank you in advance for your time and heart that wants to lift others up. You will be blessed.

Tracy said...

What a gift to give others...your prayers. Means so much. I will be praying for your small group this week. I'm so excited for you! As I read about the way the Lord ministered to you, I found myself shaking my head in agreement. Isn't it beautiful the way He knows just what and WHEN we need?

If I come to mind, please lift my office Bible study group - for yielded hearts for all of us and for courage as I lead the discussions. We meet at noon on Wednesdays. Thank you so much Kristen


Ang baylis said...

Dear Kristen,
You have no idea how much I needed to read this post just now. I'm having one of those days. No big deal in the big picture, but I just heard a great message by Beth Moore that reminded me to get "Facedown". So, that's exactly what I did. Thank you for offering to pray. I am honored to pray for you and for your small group on Wednesday at 6:45. I'm excited for you leading! You are obedient, sister and I'm so glad we are friends!
Love you,
Angie xoxo

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I will pray for you my friend and ask nothing more in return. You are a Godly woman, and I love being your friend. Thanks for your tender and your real in this post. It let's me know that I'm not alone in my struggles.


Mercy said...

It feels so good to know that someone out there is praying for me. I lift you up in prayer also. Please pray for my marriage. Pray that my husband Chip turns his face towards God. Thank you very much.

Tampa, FL