Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unofficial Start to Summer?

Memorial Day Weekend seems to be the Official Kick-off to Summer... even though summer begins in June. So does that make Memorial Weekend the Unofficial Kick-off to summer? Hmmmm...

In Indianapolis the month of May is obviously an exciting time as the Indy 500 is on the Sunday of Memorial Weekend. (unless it's rained out & then it's on Memorial Day) :) Cookouts, pool parties, yard work... summer activities are in full swing. I have to say after a very cold, snowy, icy winter and a very rainy, wet, temps all over the board spring, I'm ready for some good ole summertime fun.

As I reflect back on the last few days I have to say it was one of the most wonderful Memorial Weekends. Our cycling team's annual Memorial Weekend ride brought out 40 of our cycling pals to ride. Yard work, grad open houses, a cookout to celebrate one of my good friend's birthday, more yard work, garden work & then a cookout/pool party with some of our dearest friends yesterday afternoon/evening. As we were heading out the door to drive home last night, several of us we discussing that we hope the summer doesn't just fly by! I can't believe we will be turning the calendar to the 6th month of the year tomorrow. Mercy where has 2011 gone?

So the rough winter and wet spring took it's toll on our largest hosta bed. We lost all but our "blue hostas". The wet spring prevented us from doing much work until 2 weeks ago. I weeded, cut branches, cleared out... ugggh! I've included a photo of my work... on that particular day Jim played golf & I, well you can see what I was up to in the photo below:

Did I mention this part of summertime fun included a mild case of poison ivy? Grrrrr!

After weeding and dividing hostas from other beds & hosta beds at Jim's sister's home... things began to look a bit better as you can see in the pic below. This hosta garden has been a big part of our landscape for over 18 years, so we were sad when we lost so many plants. Especially one of Jim's favs...

I wish I had a better camera so I could get the entire bed in the shot. This bed runs just about the entire length of our drive.

Memorial Weekend always brings the worst of my allergy suffering. The Cottonwoods are blooming - some areas the white fuzzies almost look like snow floating through the air. And the pollen from our two pecan trees wreck havoc on my allergies. My allergy meds don't seem to help much, and my neti pot goes into full use! Because they were bad over the weekend, I am electing to stay off the bike tonight and workout at the Y. Wahhhh! Can you hear me crying? I will hit the road tomorrow!

We did get a lot of our veggie garden put in yesterday. FINALLY! We had it all worked up and then the rains came, AGAIN! Too much rain. This is the absolute latest we've ever put the garden in! We missed all the spring/cool weather veggies. We will have to plant in the fall. Tomatoes, potatoes, brussels sprouts & onions are in. I am going to plant Swiss Chard in one of our flower beds. Should be interesting.

So what are your plans for this summer? Travelling? Staying home? One of our local Television stations puts together links to what they call "One Tank Getaways". Since gas is so high, I know a lot of folks aren't taking big vacations this is a neat idea if you want to get away, but don't want to spend a lot of cash!

We have been blessed with a good spring in our business life. It looks to be a good summer for us as well. God provides... I know we have a long way to go before our economy & the housing market rebounds... but yes... God provides! God is still on His throne and He is in the midst of this comforting, guiding and yes... providing.

I do hope I can be more consistent with my blogging. I remember when I first started and was a part of such a wonderful community of blogland sisters! I certainly miss all of you! Perhaps I need to start a summer meme?

Enjoy your day! Much Love!

Friday, May 6, 2011


It's been quite some time since my last post! (about 3 months too long) "Busy"ness and Business has gotten in the way. I happy to say that business improved and I will take that during this tough economic time we navigate daily. Real Estate has it's fair share of ups and downs... but these ebbing and flowing tides are just too much at times!

Spring has sprung, so it was definitely time to change that blog header of mine... the snow, greenery and candlelit wreath were lovely, but Winter thankfully is OVER! At least by the calendar hanging on the wall in my kitchen! We had an incredibly RAINY April! If April showers bring May flowers I'm thinking we should have spring blooms the size of sunflowers! Alas... spring has not only brought all this rain, but some colder temps too. We actually had a Frost Warning the other night! REALLY??? Our veggie garden remains untiled. Well Jim did attempt to till yesterday afternoon as we had a day full of sunshine (finally). He was able to till up a few areas, however the rest of the garden was still too muddy. :( Looks like radishes and other cold weather veggies will have to wait until fall. I'm just hoping I can get my tomato plants etc. soon!

We brought the patio furniture out the week before Easter & I'm sad to say we have only been able to enjoy relaxing on the deck once. I know more warm, sunny days lie ahead... but it was a long, cold, snowy, icy winter and now it's been a wet, rainy spring! I'm ready to read a good book while the sun warms my cheeks!

We have been out on our bikes getting some miles in... not as often as we'd like (due to the weather of course)but we know many good, long rides are ahead of us!

We finished up the back hall off of the kitchen. We carried the bead board ceiling into that area which really brightened the hall nicely. It was a dark, wood ceiling before the remodel. It's amazing how fresh paint and a new white ceiling can brighten up a small space!

I purchased this vinyl wall treatment through an Etsy Shop... so many times Jim and I will be relaxing in our favorite chairs and we will say "It's Good to Be Home". I wanted to see that sentiment every time we arrive home... so the back hall wall was a perfect place for this saying!

I purchased a new mirror to hang over the antique table that belonged to my Grandmother. The orchid was a gift from some of our cycling friends. I love how elegant an orchid is!!! After we completed the project I would just stand in the back hall enjoying the brightness!!!! It's so crisp and clean... I love it! AND it's prompted more painting projects. (Much to Jim's chagrin). The family room is next, then the main bath, then the living/dining and hall areas. They are in much need of fresh paint as I don't believe we've painted in over 10 years! It's time to freshen things up. We more than likely will paint the living/dining and hall closer to fall!!!

We once again hosted our family Easter Luncheon. This year we had 27 people for lunch. Our biggest event yet and I have to say I was exhausted! It was a lot of work transforming the house, preparing the food etc. Everyone loved it and I was happy they all enjoyed! I'm still putting things away! I guess I am not so worried about things not being back in order immediately in my older age! (not that I'm old) ;)

Here are a few pictures from Easter...

Our lovely tables... I had 4 set up!

A portion of the Drink Buffet... and of course the mountain of dishes

The Menu Card & a beautiful sentiment - given to me by my sister-in-law Ann!

I really, really, really hope to be more active in blogland... I have truly missed so many of the wonderful ladies that I have connected with over the years. PLUS, I LOVE the new header I created. It makes me smile!

Much Love to all of you!