Wednesday, March 21, 2012

OK, so the best laid intentions simply never seem to turn into action for me on my blog! Fortunately Jim and I have been extremely busy with work. We are prayerful the real estate market in Indy continues to turn upward! We have truly been blessed!

I had to laugh looking back at the last post I wrote - Homemade Fire Starters! Who would have thought I wouldn't need them in March? We have had temps in the 80's for about a week now, and I even had to resort to turning on the A/C at night! Gasp! Yes - the A/C in Indiana and technically the calendar still said it was Winter! Spring is just a few short days old! It looks like more seasonal temps are on the way & I'm thankful! I do love spring!

So with nothing really pressing on my heart to write today... and with very limited time... I thought I would share a few photos I've taken in the last few months. I am loving my new camera & hope to have more time to really learn how to use it!

Red Bellied Woodpecker

I love seeing Mrs. Woodpecker peeking out of their nest

Bluebird sitting on the Bluebird House - Took 3 years, but we got a pair!
Spring Robin in our neighbor's garden
Mr. Cardinal Singing for his Supper
I LOVE how the wind blew the tuft on the top of the Cardinal's Head
My niece Kimberly at her last meet hosted by her gym.  They honor the Seniors that are Level 10 Competitors
Kimberly will be attending Eastern Michigan University in the fall on a full ride gymnastics scholarship!
I'm so proud!
Downtown Indy during Super Bowl Festivities!
We had such a great time enjoying the city and of course all things Football!
This is a favorite picture of mine - one taken w/ my iPhone, not my new camera!
Jet in the Sunshine
I LOVE this photo!
Jet NEVER has relaxed like this before - I'm so thankful to have caught him soaking up the sun!
I really like the shadows and sunshine contrast

Hope to have more for you all soon!