Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wildaire All You Need is Love... aka: Ringo

We brought home our newest addition on Sunday! We decided to get another whippet!
Ummm... I forgot how much work a pup is. But it's worth it. Whippets are easy to train. Jet is loving his new little buddy. They play a lot and I am sure will drive me nuts as Ringo gets older and can keep up!

Sunday night Ringo fell right to sleep in his crate. He woke up at 1:30ish. I let him out and he took care of business. I brought him back in, put him in his crate where he proceeded to whine... no, not whine... HOWL for 1.5 hours. I don't know if I fell asleep firts or he did??? Last night was much better. He slept until 3:30am. I took him out, and he went right back to sleep when I put him in his crate! Praise the Lord!

I left him at home for a few hours (in the crate) yesterday and will do the same today. I don't want him getting separation anxiety if I were home all the time. Thankfully I am self-employed which allows me to be home!

Here are a few pics of my little guy and his big brother!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So Long Insecurity Week 2 -

In just a few short moments the gals will be arriving for our second week of SLI! Before they arrive I wanted to write a quick blog post thanking those of you who prayed for us last week. Our first discussion was amazing! Every single gal shared! God is so good and He is going to be BIG in our group.

This past week's reading included 2 Chapters on the roots of insecurity. I had a good cry I have to say after reading these words... "Simply put, if you didn't get to be a child when you were young, you suffered a loss of innocence." and "When they are forced to grow up too quickly, they lose something that no one can give back." My heart ached... for me. I was so sad for the little girl whose parents divorced when she was in the 5th grade. Yes, that's when I lost some of the innocence of being a child. I recall with such fondness my life prior to my parent's divorce. I think I was always happy back then. Those warm memories of Christmas, summers, swimming... after their divorce I had happy times. But I remember so much sadness. I remember worry - worrying about my mom when I was with my dad and worrying about my dad when I was with my mom. In essence, I grew up when I wasn't ready to take on those types of feelings and responsibilities. Of course those weren't what my responsibilites were... but nevertheless it happened. When I cried about that loss, I did not feel anger toward my parents. My tears were those of compassion for a little girl that was me. The Lord had and has that same compassion for us. He loves us and never leaves us! I am thankful that Jesus has been my rock... my security. That he continues to love me... I may have lost a part of my life when I was young, but he sure is blessing this portion of my life abundantly! I can't go back and change the past. But I can live in the freedom that the past was used by the Lord to work for the good! I am clinging to Romans 8:28!

I better get going... 15 minutes until start time!

Love you all so much!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

OK... so I seem to be lax on my blog posting as of late! With the Memorial Day holiday, work, a charity golf outing I chair and my nieces in town I have been swamped with summer activity and fun! My sister and I have vowed to remember a bumper sticker she saw when we start seeing our schedules as "too full". The bumper sticker reads: Too Blessed To Be Stressed! I love it! The Lord has certainly been showing me His many blessings!

I am excited as next week I begin leading a book club in my home! We are reading Beth Moore's "So Long, Insecurity  you have been a bad friend to us"
8 ladies will be gathering in my home and we are following the format that Beth  used when the Siestas read through the book!  I am using Beth's questions to encourage thought and conversation!  It's going to be wonderful & I would covet your prayers!  Especially for 2 gals joining us as one for sure does not have a personal relationship with Jesus!  The rest of the group are very good Christian friends of mine who will be wonderful as we journey with my unchurched friend!  I will keep you all posted about our journey!  I for one, as secure and confident as I seem... battle insecurity and anxiety A LOT!  We are going to do what Beth did in 9 weeks in a 4 week time period!  I was afraid that some of the gals wouldn't want to commit to that long of a group! 

The garden is really coming along!  We are going to be harvesting the broccoli this week!  Here are some updated pics of the garden!  Oh the bounty we will have!  Can't wait to share with my friends and family!

We already have tomatoes growing on some of the vines (can you hear me clapping?)
Love Zucchini!  But gotta pick fast or they grow from tender, yummy squash into mammoth, scary veggies overnight!

Broccoli is ready!  It's going to be a good week!  After we harvest the main bunch, we will get little shoots throughout the summer!

We put straw down in the pathways to help with weeds as well as keep our feet from getting muddy after rains!

How lucky are we that our neighbors have strawberries in their garden and that they share!  We actually shared some of these with friends!!!!

We are also anticipating bringing home another whippet puppy!  We have picked our favorite, but we won't know until the couple in front of us (they get first pick) decides.  So far their favs are different than ours.  I am not going to post a picture until I know which little guy is ours.  So... even if it's crazy... could you pray that we get the little guy we want?  We are smitten with him.  When we went over to visit this past Friday he was the first pup to come up to me when I leaned into the pen... and he was the first to trot over and plop in my lap when we had them on the floor in our breeder's family room!   That anxiety I told you about above... well, when I think about our wait to find out if we get this little guy... I get anxious!  As soon as I know I will post pictures!  Jet's going to have a playmate!  We will be bringing him home around the 4th of July! 

I got to visit with my nieces and my great nieces and nephew this last week.  It's been wonderful!  As close as kids and grand kids that I will ever get and I couldn't be more proud of my girls and their families.  They are all doing so well. Unfortunately I forgot my camera EVERY time we got together!  Bad Auntie K! 

Of course cycling takes up a lot of time when I am not enjoying my friends, family and work!  But alas... the rain and t-storms are keeping me off the road tonight.  (can you hear me crying?)   So I am hoping I can catch up with my blogland sisters this evening since I will be snuggled up in a comfy chair, Jet at my feet and hopefully something decent on TV!