Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So Long Insecurity Week 2 -

In just a few short moments the gals will be arriving for our second week of SLI! Before they arrive I wanted to write a quick blog post thanking those of you who prayed for us last week. Our first discussion was amazing! Every single gal shared! God is so good and He is going to be BIG in our group.

This past week's reading included 2 Chapters on the roots of insecurity. I had a good cry I have to say after reading these words... "Simply put, if you didn't get to be a child when you were young, you suffered a loss of innocence." and "When they are forced to grow up too quickly, they lose something that no one can give back." My heart ached... for me. I was so sad for the little girl whose parents divorced when she was in the 5th grade. Yes, that's when I lost some of the innocence of being a child. I recall with such fondness my life prior to my parent's divorce. I think I was always happy back then. Those warm memories of Christmas, summers, swimming... after their divorce I had happy times. But I remember so much sadness. I remember worry - worrying about my mom when I was with my dad and worrying about my dad when I was with my mom. In essence, I grew up when I wasn't ready to take on those types of feelings and responsibilities. Of course those weren't what my responsibilites were... but nevertheless it happened. When I cried about that loss, I did not feel anger toward my parents. My tears were those of compassion for a little girl that was me. The Lord had and has that same compassion for us. He loves us and never leaves us! I am thankful that Jesus has been my rock... my security. That he continues to love me... I may have lost a part of my life when I was young, but he sure is blessing this portion of my life abundantly! I can't go back and change the past. But I can live in the freedom that the past was used by the Lord to work for the good! I am clinging to Romans 8:28!

I better get going... 15 minutes until start time!

Love you all so much!

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