Friday, April 16, 2010

Ah yes.. TGIF! Even better is a Friday that I can do my work from home in the morning and then putz around the house or garden the rest of the day.

This morning dawned with the weatherman forcasting rain and thunderstorms. Of course after bringing ALL the patio cushions in, Jim mowing the lawn at 8:30am (I am sure our neighbors were thrilled)it rained for ummmm... about 3 minutes. With the rain being at a minimum it afforded us time to work in the garden. So today we FINALLY planted the asparagus crowns. I am hopeful next spring we can harvest a few for a meal. I had A LOT of garlic coming up, but I wasn't diligent in planting them last year and let the garlic re-seed itself. So I had to dig up a lot of the plants, divide and re-plant. I am hoping they survive. They look good. I was happy to see a few of the potatoes we planted coming up. So we buried the leaves as we are supposed to. This is our first attempt at potatoes. I am looking forward to our crop and tasting how yummy fresh potatoes will be! Our first planting of onions are coming in nicely. Jim will plant another round in about a week. We usually have enough onions to last us through winter. The broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprout plants are looking good. We have a few lettuce plants, but I need to get more put in next week. My chives look wonderful and I need to snip some to bring in for dinners this weekend. I prepared an area for cilantro, parsley and basil (I plant those herbs in pots too).

I love preparing the garden in the spring. I am anxious for May when I can put tomato, pepper, squash and beans in! There is a bit of satisfaction growing our own food. We do a lot of grilling in the summer and the fresh veggies go nicely with summer food fare. I love to cook as well so all the veggies give me a lot of varitey to try different menus.

Jim's gardening adventure this year (he hopes) will be planting some blueberry bushes and raspberry bushes. We shall see how this works. We are going to take the gourds from last year, cut them open and throw the seeds along the back fence line. I am hoping we have some cute jack be little gourds for fall!

After a day in the garden our temps are going to turn a bit more seasonal and it will be down in the 40's tonight. That gives us the opportunity to burn up the rest of the firewood that sits on the front porch. A cozy night by the fire w/ friends coming for dinner is on tap! Looking forward to some good food and conversation tonight!

I hope your Friday has been great!