Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Take it to the Lord in Prayer

This morning I rose early... completed day 1 of week 1 in my Workbook of Living Prayer and then postured myself to talk to God. To pour out my requests. I want you to know - each of you who emailed me or posted yesterday and last week w/ prayer requests, that I offered them up to Him this morning.
P roclaiming Him as Lord of all, thanking Him for the R elationship I have with Him & with all of you! A sking Him, going to Him with confidence and faith, Y es - responding to His call to prayer with a Yes Father! PRAY!
So many requests, but He hears them all. After my quiet time I opened the blinds in our bedroom. It was still very dark, but I could see that snow was quietly falling. Lovely! I thought about how that pure snow was covering the "ick"... blanketing the earth.

I thought about how prayer, like the snow covers a multitude of hurts, heartaches, pain, worries.... my sweet friends, your requests were lifted up and covered w/ the blanket of love and grace that comes from our Lord and Savior!

Pic outside my front door this morning... 3 inches of fresh snow has fallen this morning!

I loved a quote from Maxie Dunnam in my workbook... it's been highlighted and I think it's worth repeating here "Things happen when we pray that do not happen when we don't pray." * So pray... go to the throne with the confidence that the Lord will hear your requests and respond with grace and love that our human minds cannot comprehend. Listen for HIS response... it might not happen overnight... but keep asking! Persevere in Prayer! What a privilege it is to take it all to the Lord in prayer. In the words of Dr. Rich Bimler from the sermon he shared w/ our congregation this past Sunday "Prayer is not a 'gotta do' it's a 'get to do' "!

Love you all!

* Dunnam, Maxie. The Workbook of Living Prayer. 1994


Yolanda said...


Much truth, lots to ponder, and to get my thoughts focused on Him. Praising Him and going to Him for the needs of others and then myself.

Love to you as you enjoy the fresh snow, beautiful!


Lisa said...

My Indy friends said that the commute was a little rough this morning. I can tell already from your post how God is enriching your life through the commitment to prayer. Have a great day in the Lord!
Blessings - Lisa

Deare Diary said...

I am at work and do not have time to scroll all through your blog to see if I can find out what the Workbook of Living Prayer is and who is Maxie Dunnam. I am very interested though. Could you give me this info and if it is available to anyone.

Kristen said...


You can order this book!

Here's a link:

I am sure it is available in your local Christian bookstore or also at Amazon. This is the workbook the organizing group for our Prayer focus picked for the small groups to use. Elaine at Peace for the Journey personally knows Maxie... what a small world!!!!


Kim... and Her Coffee said...

I LOVE that.... prayer is not a gotta do, it's a get to do! Love that. How is it that when we spend time alone in prayer with the Lord we leave so full and feeling so protected, feel those we pray for are so covered.... yet, we do not do it more. Oh that we would commune with him throughout all of our days. Thank you Friend for being a reminder to us all. And, thank you for seeking requests and praying over them. Hugs to you on this snowy day!

Runner Mom said...

Hey! This was great. I tell my boys the same thing...it's a priviledge to be able to pray! I like the way you shared it better!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

I LOVE your heart...I LOVE your blog...and I LOVE you my friend.

Prayer..prayer...prayer....awh.....what a beautiful thing.

Thank-you...for covering me with pray this past week. :-)

Christy said...

You are so encouraging Kristen!

I too like the quote from your pastor. I love knowing that God hears all our requests-no matter how big or small. These last couple of years I have really learned to persevere in my prayers. My faith and belief in Jesus has grown tremendously because of that.

I am sending you an email:)

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...


Thank you for commenting on my blog. Yes, Fred is a special friend to us. I really enjoyed reading this post. I love Beth Moore studies but haven't had the privilege to try the Living Prayer study YET... but will look into that. I work at a mega-sized church, so that is not out of the question. I love the quote.... prayer is not a gotta do, it's a get to do! I can't wait to visit your blog again!

Thanks again for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Kristen, please add my boys to your prayer list. They are both struggling in their marriages right now. Matt & Erin, Dave & September. Satan seems to be going at my family in full force right now. Thankfully, my daughter Christie is doing fine in that department, but she does struggle with different health issues. Right now, it's her back. She's seeing a Physical Therapist for it, but last night she went to pick up one of the twins and it went out again. Bad back and one year old twins, it's not easy.
Thank you in advance for you & Jim's commitment to praying for all us hurting people.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Thanks for praying for my family. Also, thanks for your many kind words at my blog yesterday. Also, you're the winner of an NIV study Bible. If not for yourself, then surely for someone you know who might need one. Come over for details when you can.


Kathy Butryn said...

Love that quote by Maxie Dunnam. My heart was encouraged by your post Kristen!

Joanie said...

Hi Kristen,
I just read about your first day with the new study. Thank you for so generously sharing your experience today. I want to follow up on this, and I might want to try this workbook by myself since I don't belong to a church here in my new hometown yet.
Your praying for me really made me feel so special and cared for. You've touched my heart! I'll be praying for you and Jim through out this study. hugs, Joanie

Tracy said...

There is no greater gift than lifting friends to the Lord. I love the quote from Maxie Dunnam...and also what your pastor said...it is indeed a "get to do!"

Praying for YOU!