Monday, August 16, 2010

Jim: Kristen! There's a possum in the dog food
Kristen: In the house?
Jim: Get out here there's a possum in the dog food!
Kristen:  In the house?

Friday morning I was still snuggled in bed, just barely making it out of dreamland when I was startled by Jim hollering about a possum.  He's screaming there's a possum in the dog food.  I keep asking him "in the house?" This went on for at least 3 or 4 exchanges.  I was questioning "in the house" because at the present time we are feeding our older dog outside and the puppy inside.  (they like to swap food dishes and the puppy doesn't need adult food - not good for his constitution).  So I figured there was a possum sharing Jet's dish on the back patio.  Ummm... WRONG!  There was a baby possum in the dog food bag.  YIKES!  Jim took the bag a few yards over and let it go in the wooded area behind our neighbor's home.  Case closed!  Yeah Right!

Fast forward to Friday night, I mean early Saturday morning.  2:30ish am.  I am awakened by a scratching noise in the hallway.  I get up, walk to the hall and peering up at me from the register is you guessed it, a baby possum.  FREAK OUT MODE is now engaged!  All night long the little guy travelled the duct system under our house like it was a giant habitrail!  Each time he got to a vent - he scratched, trying to escape.  What if the critter dies in the duct work?  Could you imagine the smell?  Oh my mercy!  AWFUL!  At this point I am not sure if the little guy from Friday made it back to the house, or if this was a brother or sister!  And if it's a sibling... how many does he/she have?

Saturday morning Jim spent about 2 hours in the crawl space trying to find how he got into the crawl from under deck, how he got in the duct system, and then shoring up the crawl so none of his brothers or sisters (God forbid) would be tempted to join him.  We set up a makeshift corral in the hall, removed the grate and set up a live trap.  Keep in mind... we used 2 large 25 pound bags of dog food to hold the wood sides in place.  Sunday morning - no possum.   Jim spent another hour in the crawl setting up a live trap and opening a few areas that had trap type doors (he didn't notice those on Saturday).
Sunday night I am in bed.  I can't really sleep.  I am watching some brainless movie on television and I hear a scratching noise.  I sit up and see the cat in the bedroom doorway near one of those dog food bags (remember - they were holding the wood walls of our little corral in place).  I am thinking that the cat is trying to eat through the dog food bag.  (we have a very overweight cat).  Of course he's not...  he's crouching and knows something is in the bag.  Yep!  A possum!  A baby possum head first into the giant dog food bag!  I freak - a bit - they are creepy!  I go back in the bedroom to wake Jim who is FAST asleep!  I mean ASLEEP!  I had to shove him HARD to wake him up!  "IT'S IN THE DOG FOOD BAG!" (I am not sure how loud or many times I screamed those words).  Jim got up rolled the top of the bag down and we proceeded outside.  Dogs are up now and very curious!  Chaos could have ensued, but thankfully it did not.  We got out to the deck.  Is sat the live trap down and we were able to get the little guy into the trap.  Of course he was so small he didn't even set off the trap.  I hit the cage and it slammed shut.  GOTCHA!  Jim and I high fived each other and breathed a sigh of relief!  Thank goodness! 

Earlier that day, after church I had prayed... "Lord, I know that the only way this little critter is going to come out is by your power!  I need You to move him out!  I trust you Lord to do this!  I know You can!"  Jim and I prayed that night again... asking the Lord to get the little guy out of the duct work because it would be a costly remedy if he should perish in the labyrinth of duct work.  The Lord delivered and we gave Him praise as well!   I am not afraid to ask the Lord's help in a situation like the Possum incident!  We had also promised we would dispose of him humanely!  So many people told us to shoot it, drown it... kill it!  I just could never bring myself to do such a thing.  It's just not in my genetic makeup.  I could never have made it as a pioneer!  Ha Ha!  So the little fella has a new life (for now - not sure how long he can/will survive) by a creek in a wooded area near our home.  (he better not find his way back ). 

I am thankful that no damage was done to  my home and that for the most part possums are harmless.  Especially as babies.  I took this picture this morning before Jim relocated him.  The little guy hissed a few times at me... but other than that was quite polite. 
Moving Day
Even possums are cute when they are babies. (In my opinion).  I'm glad he's gone... and am praying our critter saga is over.  Over the years we have had a raccoon in our wall, a bat and and owl in the house, and of course our fair share of mice.  The mice will soon return as the leaves change and the temps begin to cool.  Time to get the traps set.  I am not as kind to the mice.  They aren't freed back into the wild... they are sent to "mouse heaven".  LOL
It is however the start of squirrel season.  Our pecan trees are full of pecans and the dogs are on high alert.  There was a casualty on Saturday.  Jet showed Ringo how squirrel hunting is done.  There was a gentle reprimand.  And we now know we have to knock on the storm door prior to letting the dogs out from now until spring!  It's like a squirrel storm warning system.  Such is life on our little piece of property in Indianapolis.  Life is always an adventure! 

Enjoy your Monday my friends!


Joyce said...

Oh my word...this just gives me the heebie jeebies. I am not a fan of the possum. At all. Shudder.

I hope he is back out of doors where I know God intended him to be : )

Southerncook said...

Glad you got your critter issue resolved. BTW, LOVE seeing pics of your two babies. They are gorgeous.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Oh mercy me... I'd have moved out until my "Jim" had fixed the problem. You're a better woman than me.

So glad for answered prayer... even the possum kind!


Paula said...

Have you ever petted a possum? They're very soft. I'm glad you didn't kill the baby. At my house we live trap the mice, too. And the snake in my hallway was trapped with a Tupperware container and released nearby too. Bugs we exterminate with extreme prejudice.