Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Fondest Memories are Made When...

gathered around the kitchen table
It all started (for me at least) when I purchased this vinyl lettering at Kohl's, ummm about a year and a half ago.  I liked the sentiment because I love sitting around a table with family and/or friends.  It seems that no matter where the gathering starts we always end up around our kitchen table when we have family/friends over!  When I saw this particular item, I knew I could put it on the bulkhead in my kitchen IF we ever decided to do some updating!

 It's been a long time coming, but we have finally decided to do a bit of a face lift on our kitchen.  Over the years we have wallpapered, painted, put up new curtains, put up wood blinds... but the kitchen never was exactly what I liked (or wanted).  We had those old 1940ish counter tops.  You know the kind... white with gold swirls!  Retro to some... to me... an eyesore. Jim had it in his mind that he wanted granite counter tops.  Me... didn't want them.   I entertained the notion and we got a quote.  I pray my facial expression didn't show what went on inside of me when the granite guy gave us a quote! YIKES!  Fortunately the quote put the notion of granite out of Jim's head.  We headed over to Lowes, a grown man's (and some women's) toy store.  A warm, friendly man named Tim helped us and we ordered lovely solid surface counter tops that included a back splash &; a sink in the price.  (fraction of the cost as well) - they are perfect and I couldn't believe how well the pattern went with the paint colors I had picked out!

On to the paint!  After much "convincing" Jim has agreed to allow me to paint the cabinets.  I think when he finally gave in  agreed to let me paint the cabinets is when we moved forward with the kitchen face lift!  The cabinets will be painted "Crafted White" and the walls "Cracker Bitz" The tile on the walls will be replaced with beadboard and we put in a beadboard ceiling.  I  have purchased a new light for over the table - fixtures will all be an oil rubbed bronze.  Needless to say we are both now getting very excited!  Although we won't be installing the counter tops (we leave that to the professionals).  We are doing most of the work ourselves.  We do enjoy home projects and have a feeling of accomplishment when we finish projects.  After the kitchen is complete we will install wainscot and will be painting the back hall off of the kitchen.  That will be a more simple project that we more than likely can finish in a long weekend... Whew!

Here are a few pictures of our progress.... the cabinet painting will begin this weekend. 

Just a start - Goodbye tile & countertops

How did I live with this for 18 years?

Putting in the beadboard ceiling
Beadboard Ceiling

Drawer Pull

Bulkhead after I removed 3 layers of wallpaper ~ I then used wood filler & sanded smooth

I enjoyed tearing out the tile

What a Mess
Priming the bulkhead

Removing Cabinet Doors

I will continue to post pictures as we move along!  We are hopeful that the counter tops will be installed by the end of next week! 


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh friend...HOW EXCITING!!!!

I cannot wait to see the next batch of pictures. Your new kitchen is going to be LOVELY!!!!

Happy remodeling.

Paula said...

Exciting! Can't wait to see the final results!

Redeemed By His Love said...

The kitchen table has a special place in my heart, because so many wonderful conversations take place that turn into fond memories.
I am so excited for you, Kristen!
Isn't it fun and tiring looking at different paint samples and countertops? I look forward to seeing your new beautiful kitchen!
Praying much love, laughter, and only a few tears are shared there.


Yolanda said...

Oh my stars, that is a ton of work, but I'm positive when you are finished, it will be lovely!!!

You might enjoy taking a peak over at Joy Comes In The Morning, I've posted a few recipes. Delish, as I know you enjoy cooking as well.


allabuzzsherry said...

Good'll love it when you are finished!! My husband I just finished phase 1 of our kitchen face lift. He attached trim board decoration to the cabinet doors then I painted them a creamy white & followed that with a glaze & replaced all the shiny brass hardware (thanks to ebay) with oil rubbed bronze. We also put in a new new ceiling fan to match but I simple spray painted the brass frame of the light over the sink. We removed the formica backsplash & put in ceramic tile. We too let the pros do the granite counter tops. It all took a bit longer than we thought but it has turned out SO beautiful...except the ceiling! We are now wanting to do just what you did...beadboard on the ceiling. What kind of beadboard did you use & where did you purchase yours. Your photos show it being attached directly to the old ceiling. The stuff we've seen at Lowes & Home Depot said you had to attach firing boards to the ceiling first! (We dont want to do that) Any suggestions??

Kristen said...

I am so sorry I am just now responding and I hope you get this post. I know you emailed me and unfortunately I cleared out my inbox and yours went with all the rest.

We used 1x2's and attached them perpendicular to the joists (I believe, but will ask the hubby). We also used what they call "car siding" for the ceiling. It is tounge in groove. It worked out very well. I love how it looks and we get A LOT of compliments! We purchased ours at Menards - do you have a Menards in your area? They run it on sale a lot!

We bought hardware off of ebay as well - a lot less expensive!!!