Monday, November 24, 2008

I certainly didn't plan a blog break, but it happened. It's been a week since I last sat down and asked each of you what Thanksgiving side dish are you? What fun it was to see how many of us were similar and how many were different! I had a very busy week last week and I am sure God wanted me to tend to my tasks at hand. Between work and home I had a lot on my plate. A sense of accomplishment getting those tasks completed. Cleaning our and re-stocking the pantry. Cleaning out the fridge! YIKES... I do believe some of the food containers in the back of the fridge could be deemed "science experiments!" Picking up the last of the fallen leaves, buttoning up the house for a long winter's nap. All those things I look forward to doing at this time of year. I know call me crazy! I also love shopping at the grocery the week before Thanksgiving. Stocks, soups, canned pumpkin, Pepperidge Farms stuffing etc. All those items I can use during the cold winter months! I don't host Thanksgiving... so perhaps it's a bit less stressful for me as I shop for those staples that fill the winter pantry.

As I reflect on the Thanksgiving holiday and the many things I am thankful for... I am thanking God for giving me a full pantry and fridge. That I have a roof over my head and a warm bed. My heart aches for those who are lonely, homeless and hungry. I know the Lord loves them... Do not forget them dear friends. Donate your time at a soup kitchen, help clothe a child and provide a Christmas gift for them, help fill a Thanksgiving basket at your church... but most importantly, lift them up in prayer!

Oh give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. ~ Psalm 107:1


Christy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Kristen!

I am thankful for meeting you out here in blog land! I think one day we should plan a blog get together! you aren't that far from Dayton, Ohio are you?

P.S. I am a mashed potato and gravy girl too:) I do love all things that go together... milk and cookies, coffee and biscotti, eggs and bacon, grilled cheese and tomato soup, hot chocolate and peanut butter bread... I think I feel a post comin' on!!!

Have a wonderful week and a most blessed Thanksgiving!

Kim @ My Journey said...

So glad you have had wonderful time getting things at home settled for the colder weather and approaching holidays. It's cold and rainy here today and nothing makes me want to be at home than that. But, also what a reminder as you said to be thankful for "home" and helpful to those without.

Hope you are having a wonderful day today!!

PS ~ My hubby and I will be heading to your city for his company's Christmas party... but just for a quick overnight. Hopefully someday soon we will be there longer ~~ would love to meet for coffee!!

Praise and Coffee said...

Amen Kristen!!! We can never forget why we are really here.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Paula said...

I hate grocery shopping. It's horrible. I hate cleaning out the fridge AND the pantry. Why don't you come visit me and shop and clean for me? Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving... my parents and Matt and Sandy are going to Johanna's house; Teresa is going to Ohio to Laura's house; guess which little Miles girl will be all alone with "just" her own family? We like to do holidays by ourselves, usually, but this year I find I'm missing my parents and sibs and they feel far away. :(

Sarah said...

Thank you for this post. Just this weekend I came into contact with a gentleman who is hurting (I think due to a sick wife). He has been on my mind so much and your words have challenged me to do more than just "think" about him, but to lift him up.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

PS. I love Pepperidge Farm Stuffing!

Letters From Midlife said...

We definitely to keep others up in prayer and provision who have been blindsided by job loss, etc. Thank you for the reminder.

Sit A Spell said...

Loved your list below...I should follow it! : )

Seems like you told all the things I DID this past week! I even found treat WAY in the back of the pantry from last Christmas...yikes. I told a friend, I was spring cleaning in the fall. (feels like winter though...I'm in MI and we have snow) I had to rake a bit of leaves out of the snow, which was not fun, but had to be done.