Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Musings....

It's hard to believe we are almost through the 2nd week of January! Winter settled in weeks ago in our area! For the first time in quite some time we had a White Christmas. Not just a White Christmas, but snow throughout December! It really added to the season! New Year's Day rolled around and temps actually hit the 60 degree mark! It seems that only in Indiana do the temps go from the teens to 60 in a matter of days! We were fortunate enough to get out on the road for an urban MTB ride!

Look Ma! No Hands!

After Epiphany I began to Undeck the Halls from their Boughs of Holly.  I am always ready to tuck away the ornaments until the next season rolls around, even if a bit sad.  Each ornament tells a story... each year I seem to add an ornament or two to my collection.  This year my dear friend Paula gave me two ornaments!

I placed them on the tree in our small guest room - she gave me the treble clef  because she noticed  I always have music playing... the acorn, because we hand feed the squirrels.  They were perfect and I love that she thoughtfully picked them out for us!!!

It wasn't long after the new ornaments we placed on the tree that they were removed and carefully put away!  The house is back to "normal"! 

One of the many Christmas decoaration boxes we have!

We had more snow move through and the ground and landscape is white again!  We might as well have snow in my opinion - we can't control the season so we might as well enjoy what comes with it!  I went out today and took a few pictures! 

Little Visitors

Jim needs to fill up the feeders!

I removed the red bow, but kept up the wreath - lovely winter greenery

The Wren House Jim made for our neighbors

Long afternoon shadows
We have settled in for winter!  I have a lot of plans that will play out in the living room!  I dumped my recipe box (by accident) last summer and I need to reorganize.  I have too many recipes that need a home in a binder or written out on recipe cards tucked into a drawer in the kitchen sideboard.  I have a lot of pages torn from magazines for holiday ideas/ decorating ideas etc that I plan to put in binders... yes... I PLAN on doing this in the comfort of my living room, on the sofa in front of a blazing fire!  I really, really, really want to get this done!  I have a few months to complete the project... surely I won't procrastinate?!?   (roll eyes here)  I am also going to start planning my veggie garden!  I do have to admit - I'm getting antsy to get my hands dirty!!!

I am enjoying the blessing of the Siesta Scripture Memory verse (mine for Jan 1-14 is John 8:12)  I should have started a tally on how many times I have repeated and prayed this verse in the last few weeks.  Truly, it's been a blessing! 

We are going to start redoing the back hall off the kitchen (the hall connects our kitchen to the living as well as allows us access to exiting the house on both sides.  I will post pics as we transform this area!  We have a lot of "house" plans for 2011!  Mostly it's a lot of painting!  It's time - the halls need fresh paint, the family room, the living room! 

Our small group Bible study starts again soon - I'm looking forward to digging into the Word again with my loving small group family!  Of course we continue to workout at the Y and to plug away in this unpredictable housing market! 

2011 is yet to be written - only the Lord knows what lies ahead... I'm trusting Him and putting it all into His hands!

What are your "winter musings"?  What have you been up to?  What plans do you have for the months ahead?  I pray I have a little more time to spend in blogland this year!  I have truly missed connecting with  some of you that I came to know via my blog and your blog!  I hope to meet some of you this year!!!

God Bless! Stay Warm and enjoy what the Lord gives us during this winter time of His seasons!

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