Thursday, May 1, 2008

National Day of Prayer

... Join me!

Almighty Father God... today we kneel before you in humbleness and reverance, to honor You and thank You for all that You are, all that You have done and all You will do.

Father, I am a sinner... not worthy of Your GREAT love... but You, desiring fellowship with us since creation, sent Your son to save me and all mankind from sin. Words fall short as I consider Your great love - that you would send your only son... not to condem, but to save. No greater love will ever be... I thank you for your mercy and grace that You in Your perfectness can look at me through Christ and forgive my sins. I thank you for the innocent blood of Your son, my savior - the only solid ground I can stand on....

Lord, I pray for our country, for my family, for my friends and for my enemies. May they know the great love You have... may they find the peace that only You can give.

I thank You that I live in a nation where I can bow my knees and worship You! God Bless the National Day of Prayer... may the prayers whispered in the quiet of a room, the prayers shouted from the mountaintops and prayed from the pulpits today be a sweet sound, a pleasing aroma of joy to you... and may they be felt by every person you created!


SweetPea said...

Hi Kristen. So good to have you visit my blog. I love to see new-comers via other blogs.

Wonderful prayer. Even with all the political chaos in this country we indeed are extremely blessed to live here. The freedoms are great and many, especially that we can freely worship our Lord and pray as a nation, even if our prayers are in different forms. Praise the precious blood of Jesus.

I see you are from Indianapolis on your profile. My dad lives up there. I live about two hours south. I didn't put the town name because it is so small. It's Madison and it's on the river across from Milton, KY and an hour from Louisville, KY.

Have you ever been here? It's a beautiful historic town much like Bedford, Indiana (Little Nashville).

You are the closest blogger friend I've found so far. That's the only disadvantage to having such great Christian ladies in the blogging world...the distance.

Come back ya here...I'll be posting again soon but some of my best pieces have already been posted on my blog.
In Him,

littlerad said...

Amen and Thank you...