Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time Out

"OK, you go sit in time out"! Have you ever said that to your kids? Have you ever wanted to say that to your husband? ha ha! Time Out in the past few years has taken on a negative connection. Time Out is punishment. You get in trouble you go sit in time out.

I started thinking about Time-outs. You know the type of time out taken in a ball game. (after all I am a huge football and basketball fan)I found this definition of Time-out on Football

Definition of Time-out: A break in action requested by either team or one of the officials.

My definition: A time to re-group, re-organize and start a bit fresh. Time out to talk to God, study His Word, time out to pray, time out to ask for prayer from those who I know will pray for me.

Do you ever need a time out? Does God ever provide you with a time out even when you don't realize you need one? Caught up in everyday activities, putting God on the backburner. I started to think about my real estate business and that it's a bit slow right now. Perhaps this is a time-out God knew I needed. A bit of a break from the busy-ness of my job. If I embrace it this way, I won't feel as anxious about staying home on days that I don't need to be in the office. Embrace the opportunity and luxuary of working from home. Mind you, I won't sit idle... I will continue to work my profession... but I believe God is revealing a way for me to work it in a different way. One that will satisfy me professionally as well as personally. After all... home is my favorite place to be.

So with that... I will embrace my time-out. Re-set the clock and put on a new game face! Spend time with Him... He will guide me in the troubled times we live in.

Friends, if any of you are feeling the crunch of tough economic times, I lift you up in prayer. If any of your family or friends are feeling the crunch I am lifting them up too! When I complete this post, I will bend a knee, bow my head and ask for His guidance, help and peace for all who are afraid, who are suffering, anxious and feeling the crunch.

Much love to all of you in Jesus Awesome Name!!!


Lisa said...

Like the team on the field, after a timeout aren't you just ready to get back in the game? I know I am. I'm re-charged and ready to go. Thanks for sharing your journey!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are feeling the crunch. Looking up to my Father. We need an answer soon. The Love of my life has been in the hospital and our home well...we need a breakthrough.
I am somewhat new to your blog, but I am choosing to make this a private prayer request.

Paula said...

This is a perfect post for me today! I woke up feeling sad and blue because things will be so different now that I'm not coaching and I have no daughters competing in gymnastics. It has been a center of our lives for a long time. But how nice it has been to be home TOGETHER in the evenings. Maybe God just granted us a "time out" to all be a family together again. I think my son and Tom will be happy to have a new focus.

We're working through a hard time with Tom's career too. Perhaps it's God's way of redirecting us in more than one way. Thanks for your insight today. :)


Kim said...

Hi Kristen! I love time~outs. And, I love that you are choosing to see this time for you as an opportunity. How inspirational! Love this post! PS ~ Speaking of time out, I am no longer blogging.... But will look so forward to being able to come here to catch up. Have a wonderful weekend Friend!!!! Hugs, Kim

Amy said...

Kristen, we are definitely feeling the crunch, and I absolutely appreciate your prayers.

I also love the idea of embracing the "time out" periods that we face in life. I have been in "time out" so much over the past months with this back nonsense, and it's only been recently that I've embraced it. At first it was very frustrating to me, but I have come to realize that there are WORSE things than having to spend so much time at home, amen?;)

I will pray for you too!

God Bless,

Carol said...

Kristin, I love this. I've been home alot this last year being sick, and I joke and tell people on a big time out.

In reality it's been wonderful, I got involved with the Yes to God Study, and have meet many friends, and best of all have had many hours of time with God and going deeper with him.

Rejoice in your time out, I bet God has some wonderous things to share with you.


Donna's Book Nook said...

Thanks for this blog. I'm newly retired and really enjoying the time out and time to catch up--with Bible Study, prayer and friends. I will continue to keep those in my prayers who are feeling this economic crunch. Donna

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Enjoying my time out with Jesus today. Son is home sick and we've had fun just taking a break and mending some ills. Glad for your time out in this season of life. You are wise to take advantage of it.


Sarah said...

I am confident that as I listen to the Lord in the next few weeks that He will be reminding me to take a much needed time out. I want to--not only to be obedient, but also to reflect on the past and look forward to the future and all that He has for me. I am sure my body will need the time out as well!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Time outs are such a amazing thing in our spiritual journey...and often, I find myself so busy..that I ignore God's nudging me to sit a spell.

Thanks for the gentle reminder....that time-outs are good...and needed.

much2ponder said...

I am with you on the time out thing. Being somewhat introverted in just feel natural to me to step away from the busyness of my life into a place where I can truly hear the heart beat of God.

On the other note...I have been very aware of the job situations and economic crisis we are in and I am very appreciative of my job. It is not in jeopardy yet and I am pretty safe at the moment, but I know that if something changes in that department, the Lord will be there to show me the way. You are a very caring and thoughtful person Kristen. Blessings to you and your heart of gold.

Shelly said...

Thank you! My heart has been just swelling to be back in blog world. I just might write a blog here in the next week!

Love your's. I remember visiting it frequently whenever I was consistently blogging. And then I entered seminary and fell off the face of the earth :)

Thanks for keeping in touch. Blessings sister - craving a 'time out' with Him myself

Ang baylis said...

I just LOVE you, Kristen! I need to be content in the time-out! Our schedule tends to be slow these days. I need to re-focus and embrace my time-outs, too!
Thanks for this post tonight!
Love you,
Angie xoxo

Tracy said...

Isn't it amazing that God gives us exactly what what need...when we need it? Too often my tendency is to fill "time outs" with other things (blogging, etc...) when God is trying to draw me closer to Him. (I'm often a slow-learner...) I've asked him more than ever this year to open my eyes to these so that I may see them for what they are, and receive them with joy & gratitude. What a difference changing our perspective can make! Thank you for this encouragement today. Praying for you!


Becky said...

You know Kristen, taking a time-out is an interesting way of looking at things like this. I've come to think of my illness as a way I'm supposed to be taking time-out to learn something. Maybe several somethings, but at least a time-out from just rushing through life.

It's working.