Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OK Gotta Brag...

As a former gymnast myself you can only imagine how proud I am of my niece's Kimberly (15) and Sarah (13). Both have followed in their Auntie's footsteps and are gymnasts.

The first video is Kimberly who is a Level 10. (I will post Sarah's video later) My sister is starting to learn how to upload these videos,because soon college recruits will be looking at them. Her dance was a bit sloppy on Saturday... ususally she is much more crisp. My sis said Kimberly was nervous. She added a triple twist as her opening tumbling pass. As the competition season progresses that will be better. I will apologize for the quality of the video. This was Jennifer's first attempt at uploading to youtube. When watching from her acct. I can click watch in high quality... I will embed the clip and also give you the link. (copy and paste the link to watch the better quality version) The link possibly will let you click the option of watching in better quality. (bottom right corner of video)

Kimberly's opening tumbling pass is a triple full twist. (you can hear my BIL - her dad yelling when she hit's it) ha ha. She twists so clean and fast, the judges thought it was a double and she got a deduction. She will eventually work it into a 3.5 twist.

Her opening pass is a triple twist as I said, 2nd pass handspring, front full.5, backhandspring, back layout stepout. Last pass Roundoff whip back double twist. Can you tell I am proud. I get chocked up everytime I watch them... they are so talented! Kimberly and Sarah's coach is the daughter of my former coach! They have a God given talent and they work so hard! Kimberly is a straight A student, was on the National Junior Honor Society last year. (not sure when you can be inducted when you are in HS)

Hope you enjoy!!!!

Oh and I forgot to add when I first posted... Kimberly finished 3rd All Around in that meet. (it was Saturday night) As she said to me... I hit all 4 routines!



Paula said...

As your former teammate, you KNEW I would comment! She's good! What a great little tumbler! :)Honestly, made me kind of miss my gym... it's one month this week since I quit coaching. And stay tuned to my blog for an update on Emily's gymnastics... I'm sorry to say that it looks like her ankle injuries in November are going to be career ending. :(

Can't wait to see Sarah's video, too.

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...


Kristen said...

Paula... I knew you would love this! She can twist! Sorry about Emily's injury. Such a bummer! I remember blowing my ankle out in 83. On cold or damp days - it reminds me! ha ha

I bet you miss coaching! Once those darling girls are here... that's gonna help! Of course I am guessing they are going to be introduced to gymnastics. It will be interesting to see if they want to be gymnasts!!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'd recognize a daddy's "yeah" from anywhere! Awesome video. I found myself cheering alongside him. And I agree with Kelley...love the new picture! You look...so...well, polished and Beth Moore.

Stinkin' pretty girl. Jim had better keep close watch.


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Very good. I've always enjoyed gymnastics...to observe like in the Olympics. I've never been one.

I like your new pic. Not that I didn't like your other one. You are pretty.

Amy said...


Donna's Book Nook said...

I have always LOVED watching gymnastics! Never had the chance to try it. She is really good--are we watching a future olympic champion? Donna

Ang baylis said...

Oh. My. Goodness! This was amazing! I have never known anyone personally who could do gymnastics like this. I'm SO impressed! I just love how you can post videos and this one was absolutely the best!! She deserves a college scholarship for sure! I can't wait to hear how well she does! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Carol said...

Hey Kristin,

Been a while since I stopped by. Wow that was awesome. I'm not a gymnist but wow.

I love her dad in the background, sounds like my dh when my dd was playing softball.

Have a blessed day.