Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prayer Request

Dear Friends,

My youngest sister, Jennifer is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed at the age of 33... she is now 39. Her liver enzymes are a bit elevated and her oncologist ordered a chest and belly scan. Tommorrow afternoon she meets with the doctor at 2:15 for her results.

If you could, please lift up my sister in prayer. Obviously she is fearful, but she is also relying on God to keep her strong. Ask for good test results and that the cancer has not come back.

Thanking you with all of my heart!


Kim @ My Journey said...

Oh Friend, I'm so sorry that your sister is going through this. I am going to the Throne of Grace on her behalf. Sending prayers and Hugs...

Ang baylis said...

Hey, Kristen.
I am going to get down on my knees right after I press "publish" on this comment for Jennifer. I am going to pray she is clear of cancer. I am also going to pray for Peace for her and continued trust in God while she waits. I'm also going to pray for you, Kristen... to keep believing God has everything under control. I'm sure you are a wonderful older sister!
Keep me posted!
Love you,
Angie xoxo

much2ponder said...

(((((((Kristen)))))))Praying right now. Lord have mercy. Let your light so shine out strong casting out any darkness and have your way. In Jesus name, Amen.

Tracy said...

Jennifer has my prayers...that there is no cancer, and also that God will calm any anxiety she may have as she awaits her appointment. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to pray...


Sarah said...

I will be praying for your sister and your entire family as well. You have been so faithful to pray for me, I will do it for you.

Amy said...

I will pray for your sister now, Kristen.

God Bless,

Yolanda said...


Hold Kristen and her sister, in the palm of YOUR HAND! Give favor to them, and to the medical team as she seeks a reason behind the testing that is needed. Thank YOU Father. You are Holy and You are our healer, in every sense of the word. Amen.

Love to you!

On Purpose said...

Dear Heavenly Father do what You do best today, bring the comfort, bring the peace and hold Your daughter tightly in Your mighty strong and loving arms. We love You-Amen

Christy said...


I will be praying today for your sister and the rest of your family. Just like my sister said in her comment above, you have been SO faithful to pray for us.


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Father, in Jesus name we come to you today lifting dear sweet Jennifer up in prayer.

We pray that your PEACE...the peace that passeth ALL understanding be with Jennifer, Kristen, and their ENTIRE family today.

Jesus, we know that this did NOT catch you by are fully aware and you are the midst.

Wrap your loving arms of love, grace, peace, and comfort around Jennifer today as she goes for her test. May she feel the additional person in the room during this procedure!

Father, regardless of the out come...we know that you will walk with she continues on this journey called LIFE.

We THANK-YOU in advance Lord...for scooping Jennifer up...and carrying her today....and in the days to come.


Love ya keep us posted....I'll be PRAYING!!!

Cindy said...

I am praying as I type. Cancer is such a scary word especially when you are a survivor. I am praying for peace while she waits and of course a GOOD report.
Also, thank you for your encouraging words (as always) on my blog ~ I am trusting God for peace and a breakthrough.