Tuesday, September 2, 2008


1 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven:

~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

As Labor Day comes and goes my thoughts turn to autumn...
I absolutely love fall. I am a nester and I love feathering my nest as the calendar promises cooler days and colder nights. Curled up in front of our fireplace w/ a good book and a warm cup of coffee... SIGH
Sweatshirt and football weather, apple cider, raking leaves, pumpkins... I love it! As it is with my home, it is with my blog. I have changed the theme to fall... I hope ya'll like it!

Of course right now in Indy it's going to be in the 90's today as well as he next few days. Uggh! It's September it should be cooler! (she grumbles) God has a reason for these hot days - not sure what it is, I may never know. This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it! If it isn't fall outside - it can be fall inside! The weekend after Labor Day I traditionally pull out my fall decorations. A wreath on my door, pumpkins, bittersweet vines... mums will replace the petunias in the flower pots that have grown weary from the heat of summer, maybe even a trip to Adrians to pick up some apples and some cider! Oh how I do hope the temps will be cooler.

What do you like about fall? Is it a season you love? I am a "seasons" kind of gal. I love the change... as the seasons come and go I appreciate them. When the end of summer heat parches, I look forward to the crisp cool of fall. As the last leaf falls to the ground the holidays are getting close... have I told you I love Thanksgiving? As the thoughts of roast turkey and cranberries fade, I really look forward to settling down for a long winter's nap and the most wonderful time of year Christmas! :) I even love snow! (I know call me crazy) As the snow, ice and cold temps continue I long for the warmth of spring and the promise of new life. Winter melts into spring and the outdoor work on the house begins. Digging in the dirt, reparing the garden for summer veggies and then spring blossoms into summer. Bicycling, swimming, bbq's... I am excited to enjoy all the outdoor fun summer has to offer.

As the seasons continue to turn from one to the next... I will rejoice in the gifts that each season brings. Yes, there is a time for everything... a season for every activity - aren't we blessed!


Amy said...

First of all, I love your new "fall" look.:)

And secondly, I love the fall. I am a "seasons" kind of girl myself. I love how the air feels crisp in the fall...And I love when I look out the window and see leaves blowing around...It all makes me think of Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving makes me think of pecan pie.....And I do love pecan pie.:)

I also love how the air smells; it makes me feel young again.:)

And yes, in answer to your last question, we are definitely blessed!

Hugs to you!

On Purpose said...

Okay so now I want a piece of pumkin pie!

Kelley said...

I am right there with ya sister! There is nothing like Autumn if you ask me. As a matter of fact I have been working on a post very much like this one, saying goodbye to summer and welcoming the change in seasons. I also like the seasonal look you chose for your layout, I bet your house is beautiful and inviting as well. Are you planning any bike rides in the near future? I can only imagine it would be a beautiful time to hit the road.

Oh, and thanks for all of your encouraging comments on my site, it is such a pleasure to hear from you!!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I love your new fall look...but make sure to change it back come spring. I loved your green/yellow/blue. hehe

I love fall also. I like summer also and being out in the nature. I do like the change in seasons. I think the change in the seasons is what makes each season beautiful and enjoyable. I mean I could not handle the winter if I didn't know there'd be relief in a few months come spring. I guess that's like life...our trials can't last forever, right?

I've thought of you often as I am now so ready to sell my house. I guess you being a realtor, I know you understand how hard it can be to understand. To know that God is in control and He is the seller of my house not the market, yet be so heavy with the wonder of when it will happen. It's become especially hard since I feel I am now fully ready to move. I am just not ready to endure yet another fall and winter in this house but rather a new smaller house of my own. Pray for me please.

Christy said...


Thanks for dropping by and visiting so that I could come visit you!

I love your title and your new layout for fall:)

In spite of the almost 90 degree weather we had in Ohio today, I did pull out a few of my fall decorations. I even lit my favorite candle for this time of year.

It was nice to meet you and I will be back to visit!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I too love fall. I love to see the leaves as they change colors. Your blog's fall look is great! I'm glad I came across your blog, I have enjoyed reading and I plan on coming back.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hi Kristen! Thank you so much for introducing yourself to me, I'm really happy to meet you! Lovely post, and you know I am a big nester too!

Blessings this fall,