Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Joy in our Sorrow

Sunday a friend went home to be with Jesus. When a loved one dies, the grief we feel can be overwhelming. One of Dorene's close friends is also a friend of mine. I had sent her an email to express my sympathy and to lend a shoulder... her response was so beautiful I wanted to share part of it with you....

for the first time in my life I am experiencing grief for a person I loved. Isn't it strange that Jesus wept for Lazarus and still knew he would be raised again. I always thought people for were being just selfish when they knew the other person died peacefully and were in heaven. Now I understand grief is not just that, it is more pure pain, the kind that you wake up with and go to sleep with. I know this will pass and if I had not loved her I would not be feeling the pain, so it is in love that I mourn. Dorene had told Pastor she wanted him to sing in church I've got the Joy, Joy, Joy down in my heart when we were in our study of Phillipians this month. How so like God for it to be sang 2nd service on Sunday. Dorene must have been smiling when she heard it....The Holy Spirit will continue to assist in my grief by showing the wonder of Jesus.

Yes, we can have that Joy in our hearts, even in our times of sorrow. I can't help but smile thinking that not only was Dorene smiling when she heard our congregation singing "Joy, Joy, Joy" but that she was dancing! Praise Jesus!

In All Things Rejoice my Sisters!

God is Good!


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