Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Year's Resolutions????

OK, I am not big on resolutions! Too much pressure I say! Many times I set myself up for failure... many times it's just a good idea (or not) and not a resolution! Weight loss and exercise are not resolutions for me, as I am a fitness junky (and I do love junk food - so possibly the reason for being a junk food junky)That's my lifestyle, so I have to find other resolutions, uh I mean lifestyle additions. More prayer time, more Bible time, more handwritten letters/notes... can you imagine the list I have made in my head?

My blogging friend Kim at http://www.recipestorunon.com/ is who inspired me to get back to my blog and start writing! She made a few comments about what she is and what she is not, and why she is going to change her blog etc. That inspired me to get back to blogging! I am not a famous Bible teacher, and sometimes I feel if I don't have anything faith filled to share - why blog? I am not a famout TV chef/cook, and sometimes I feel that posting about food I've made isn't worth sharing... I could go on and on about what I am not! But what I am is a gal who loves Social Media, who has made many cyber friends over the years, and one who dearly loved blogging and following blogs. Of course Facebook, Twitter etc are a big part of my "social media" time both personally and professionally. If I wasn't disciplined about the computer I think I would waste, I mean spend 24 hours a day on the interent! Pinterest, FB, Twitter, Blogging, Food boards, other blogs... not to mention I do have some favorite television programs I love to watch! I have missed the blogland girls... I know I have missed out on meeting new cyber space pals, as well as also sharing with the folks who at one time read my blog faithfully. If I'm not a faitful writer, I won't have faithful readers!

With that... to catch up... Just kidding! I won't write a dissertation of what's gone on in my life over the last months... well, maybe I will for those who might just be interested. Business has been improving and I'm not in my over anxious mode that I normally experience in January, February and sometimes into March! Our dishwasher went kaput (is that how you spell kaput?) 2 Sunday's ago - and I have been washing dishes by hand since then. Oh how dry my poor hands are. Madge/the 1970's Palmolive Dish Soap Manicurist would be disappointed in me... remember "you're soaking in it?" We have purhased a new dishwasher, which also had to come with a new fridge and range! After all they have to match... RIGHT? I think I'm excited about all three pieces. The range has a double oven - so more blog posts about my cooking adventures right? The weather has been super mild this winter - not much snow - which I do miss, but I have to say it's been nice. I am excited about planning our spring/summer/fall garden and plan on lots of canning with my sister this next season. I've been working out and added some extra-intense training as this spring/summer I will be racing. I was asked to be on a cycling racing team - that has me nervous and excited. My niece signed her National Letter of Intent in November and will be attending Eastern Michigan University on a full ride gymnastics scholarship in the fall! I am so excited for her... as a former gymnast... I still LOVE the sport and love how my niece's have excelled. Her younger sister has also made her verbal commitment to accept a full gymnastics scholarship as well. My nephews continue to prosper and are growing up very fast. My nieces from Jim's side are amazing. The youngest is now a DDS! How could my sweet Ashley be a dentist? She practices in Seattle, WA. Two of my nieces have added more babies to our family - and I am now a Great Aunt to 5 wonderful, darling kids! My niece Stephanie Ann.. she and her husband are avid travellers and I am continually amazed at how smart, funny and grown up she is! We have a wonderful group of friends who we truly enjoy spending time with... Jim's mom continues to live on her own and we celebrated her 90th birthday last September. My mom retired in August, but still continues to consult, so I say she's not truly retired. My dad is retired and enjoys being retired. I am truly blessed! The Whippets and the cat continue to amuse and love on us! Jim continues to be my biggest fan, my best friend! We do enjoy our life!

Oh... and we did get a new Canon DSLR camera for Christmas - so I am excited to learn how to use all the features! It's a bit daunting... but I will share a few photos I've already taken before I sign off! Oh - and I promise to not be absent for so long! I do love to write all my thoughts down! No matter if they aren't profound! LOL

This was the first photo I took in the close up mode - I love it! It might not be great, but I took it! :)

My niece Kimberly just before the twist out of her Yurchenko Half

Sarah going into a tumbling pass - she's a strong tumbler and vaulter like her Auntie K *grin*

Needless to say I have A LOT to learn... and I'm excited to start a new hobby!

Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by my "Backyard Fence" for a chat!


Paula said...

I'm always glad to see your posts... and I would love to see your nieces compete sometime! Will they ever compete with Nebraska or Iowa State?

Anonymous said...

Love your post Friend! You know... I miss the old days of blogging. When no one made money from it. It wasn't a business. It was purely a hobby and one we all just had fun with! SO, that's what I'm looking forward to getting back to. I'm NOT a food Blogger or a Run blogger. I just blog the stuff I love and that's what I'm gonna do. I'm so glad you plan to get back to it too. Yay!! hugs

Ang Baylis said...

Hey Kristen! It was SO nice to see you on my blog today! I have missed my blogging friends as well. I can't expect anyone to visit me if I don't visit them. :) I'm a little burned out on fb because it feels to shallow. I find I spend way too much time on there. I miss blogging because I don't really know what's going on in my friends' lives. So... all this to say I'm really glad you are back. Don't stay away long again! Sounds like your life has been busy but good. I'm so proud of your nieces! Wow! And I LOVE your new camera and the pictures you have taken. I have a Nikon camera and have been enjoying it as well. I need to take more pictures an experiment with more of the features it has to offer.
Thanks for encouraging my niece on my blog. You are a treasure! Once again, I'm SO glad you are back!

Ang Baylis said...

*too" shallow.
*and" experiment

Thanks for not judging me when I make mistakes.

On Purpose said...

Hello Kristen! It's great to catch up on your life! Fun to see you are starting a new hobby. I love the 'close up Christmas picture'! Also if you ever come out to visit your neice in Seattle I am just a few hours away...we could meet in person! I am GLAD you are back to blogging!