Monday, December 5, 2011

It's been too long...

Has it really been this long since my last blog post? August? Really?

Social networking definitely is different for me these days. Facebook is where I spend most of my time as I can be in contact with so many friends and family both near and far. Response time can be almost instant and I can peruse pictures and updates from everyone and I do enjoy that!

However, I certainly miss blogging. I miss the good ole days before FB... when I was connected with several ladies via blogland. Visiting their blogs, reading up on their lives, seeing photos, sharing recipes and memes. Cozied up on a winter afternoon, coffee cup at my side, reading updates from friends whom I had never met this side of the computer screen. If there were more time in the day I could do it all! Right? Tweet, Facebook, Blog, work, cook, workout, relax... *sigh* So I must decide where to spend my time.

I miss writing down my thoughts. I really miss reading the blogs I hold so dear. Oh to have the time to visit them all!

I really need to make a point of coming here more often... perhaps as the winter months bring a slower work schedule I can. Perhaps once a week? That would take too much time!

I hope to be able to share my thoughts here more often... to post weekly. I should try!

I miss you all in blogland! I hope to find the time soon to catch up with all of your blogs! Until then - much love, enjoy and savor the season of Advent!


Cindy said...

And I have missed your blog posts, Kristen! Enjoy your Christmas Season!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You could post some pics of your beautiful Christmas decor. I always love seeing the warmth of your home.

Blessed Advent walk to you and Jim. Here's hoping you're blessed with some sales this week!