Friday, February 5, 2010

Cozy night...

These are the nights that I don't mind winter at all! It's been snowing all day. I have a toasty fire crackling in the fireplace, I rented some movies and I am making nahcos for supper. (Jim is thrilled!) We have nothing on our plate until Sunday, so a weekend in is just perfect!

I have some projects aroubd the house to tackle tomorrow.

We are also about ready to start some kitchen remodeling. Nothing drastic, but nonetheless it will be nice! New countertops are going to make a world of diffence. I will post pics as we begin the project. What's holding us up? Finding the right light fixture. We are putting in a beadboard ceiling and until I find what I am looking for... we are at a standstill. Of course this project will also require me to strip the wall paper in the back hall and paint. Oh... and I have not picked out a paint color for the kitchen yet either.

So tonight as I relax by the fire I will look through my new Country Living magazine, watch a movie and enjoy this quiet evening the Lord has so graciously given me.

I hope you are all warm, safe and cozy tonight!


Paula said...

It's been snowing all day here, too, much to my distress. I have had enough for one winter! But the twins had fun playing in it today because at least we had temps in the 20's. Enjoy your cozy weekend, and can't wait to see pictures of the "new" kitchen! Oh, and enjoy your Super Bowl, Miss Colts Fan! I know my brother and Dad and pretty excited!

Donna's Book Nook said...

I, too am warm and cozy on this very cold morning--I live in the country with a north-easter blowing around my house--sometimes think I'll end up in Oz like Dorothy. Would love a fireplace but don't have one.
I bet you have at least one thing planned this weekend--watching a certain game!

Tracy said...

Hi Kristen! It's been a long time. I took a new job several months back and it allows for a lot less blog time. I've been trying to be more diligent at posting and visiting when I can. I've missed stopping by!

Your weekend sounds lovely and exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your remodel! We got several inches of snow last night too and I am loving being "snowed in." Normally, Saturdays are a hectic day of errands, so today is a breath of fresh winter air! I'm catching up on some home projects, too. = )

Hope you find just the right inspiration in your magazine!


Melanie Redd said...

What a cute blog site! I'm just starting out and found your site from our mutual friend at Smelling Coffee.

Look forward to reading more that you add...

Yolanda said...

Hoping you enjoy your weekend "in".


Cindy said...

Just a few hours left until ......

I am getting excited for the Big Game!! Go COLTS!

Enjoy the rest of your quiet, snowy weekend!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Oh yes, post pic's of that fixture you find. We got new countertops in the parsonage before Christmas. Believe me, anything is a vast improvement over here. I was so thrilled to lose the white laminate and replace it with a darker color.

Small gains, sister. Small gains.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Yes, warm and cozy and watching figure skating, albeit by myself. Just can't seem to get my man interested. Oh well, I enjoy it anyway.


Donna said...

It sounds like you had a fun weekend planned! Hope it all went well. I've visited you several times and usually come over from Jennifer at Smelling Coffee. Hope you have a great day!