Thursday, December 11, 2008

You are invited...

To a Tree Trimming Party!

Of course it's a cyber Tree Trimming Party, but I would love to have you join me! I have the most gorgeous, sturdy tree. I have strung the lights and the boughs are ready for the popcorn an cranberries we will string!

Since this is a cyber decorating party - you can bring your favorite, most treasured ornaments to hang!

What ornaments are your most treasured... your favorites! I would love to hear about them!

Also, what would a tree trimming party be without food! What will you bring? I am sure we will have a wonderful time trimming the tree, eating good food and singing Christmas Carols and Hymns!

I will be hanging the handpainted ornaments my mom gives to my husband each year. She has been painting them for him for many years. Our favorite... the one of our home! We have some of snowy barn scenes, birds our old dog... I will also hang the glass pickle ornament! It will be hung last while you are all in the kitchen... whoever finds it later in the evening will receive a special treat! ;)

I will provide hot cider, hot cocoa, and for those who would like a bit more cheer some mulled wine! I will also make my Crab Artichoke Dip!

So welcome to my home let's deck the halls and celebrate the coming of our Savior!


Letters From Midlife said...

We do the pickle ornament too! lol! Even my grown up kids insist that I hide it somewhere on the tree Christmas morning.

much2ponder said...

What an inviting post. We celebrate traditions that have been passed down through the generations. Decorated cookies are a must. Add that to our own added touch of wassail and sitting around the tree with a blazing fire near by. We spend as much time as possible with those that are able to come home. And... we must always have the angel that was given to me by my favorite aunt sitting atop the tree:) The Lights on the tree are always white, with read and gold decorations. Added to the old fashioned home made ones from years gone by. I look forward to spending this Christmas with family, sharing warm memories, laughter and the presence of the reason we celebrate. God is good and he is faithful.

Sarah said...

I love a party! I will bring my ornaments tomorrow (it's dark now and the pictures wouldn't turn out!) Thanks for inviting me!

Aren't the coasters such a good idea? I'm going to a friends house tomorrow night and taking some as a gift!

Sandy Toes said...

Crab artichoke dip???I am there!
-sandy toes

Christy said...


Thanks for the invitation! I will be there because I couldn't stand the thought of missing out on a party hosted by you!

A couple of my favorite ornaments are the ones I posted about a couple days ago. One from when I was a little girl and then one I received from a friend. I also have some favorites that are my children's.

ummmm..... what shall I bring? How about creme de menthe cake or gingerbread pudding cake?

I sure hope that I am the one to find the pickle ornament:)

Carol said...

Well after seeing how beautiful your home is I definately will be there. (cyberly of course)

Well my favorite holiday treat is homemade fudge, and See's Candies seeing a choclate pattern here. I'm also one of those egg nog fans, but mine is alchol free.

I'll also love to watch my favorite Christmas dvd Charlie Brown Christmas, It's a wonderful life, and a new one I added in recent years The Preachers Wife.

My two most special ornaments are the ones I salvaged from my mom's broken ones and they are little house seens with the wise men going to bethlehem. We had a whole scene but they broke over the year. I remember haning them on the tree when I was little.

Not sure what the pickle ornament is all about but you have peeked my curiosity.

Merry Christmas,
Carol <:)

Donna's Book Nook said...

I'll be there--I hate missing any kind of a party! My favorite ornaments are 2 different angels I received as gifts, and some "homemade" ones from my kids from long ago.
I think I will bring a pumpkin roll--I try to make one at least once a year and haven't done it yet.
Thanks for the invite! Donna

Sit A Spell said...

I actually posted some ornaments today before I read this : ) Your "party" sounds lovely...count me in. I am going to a huge cookie exchange tonight; I'll bring some of those goodies! Those ladies always do an amazing job. I made Southern Pecan Crunch.

much2ponder said...

Hey Kristen, just want to let you know I finally posted from that tag you sent my was fun. Thanks:)

Ang baylis said...

I want your crab artichoke recipe! Thank you SO much for the invitation. My favorite ornaments are the ones that remind me of special occasions and of course the ornaments the kids made! I especially love one I made out of a small bottle of perfume from a lady from our first mission trip! I couldn't find it this year and was bummed until I found it! I tried to find a special one today for my husband since this is the year he opened his vet practice and got the award for the best vet. I found one with a dog singing, "Bad to the Bone". I pick it up tomorrow since they had to get it from another store. I'm excited to give it to him!
Thanks so much!
Angie xoxo

elaine @ peace for the journey said...


I linked your pumpkin crisp recipe to my blog post yesterday. I'm making it again today for our choir party tonight. And yes, I would love to come for a tour in person; however, the pictures write a story all their own.


Paula said...

We actually have too many tree ornaments! It's getting hard to find a space for all of them. I have lots of favorites, but here are a few: the old beat up ones from my Grandma Miles' tree, the Christopher Radko refrigerator because it's fun, the Waterford crystal ones from our friends the Loughmans, which always remind me of my dear friend Cherise who passed away 7 years ago.