Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Brought to it... God will lead you through it!

Yesterday was a special day in our family. My youngest sister celebrated her 5 year out from breast cancer! Praise Jesus! At 33, with 4 young children, Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer. As we celebrated - (my early morning phone call to her was "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!") I couldn't help but think of session 3 of my study of the book of Daniel. We were walking with Mishael, Hananiah & Azariah (Meshach, Shadrach & Abednego) - I now have a hard time calling them by their Babylonian names since I have learned their meaning and what Babylon wanted to accomplish by changing their names. The story of our boys and the fiery furnace is very familiar to many of us. This week's study had a section where we concentrated on fiery trials. When faced with bowing down to an idol of the King, our boys refused, standing firm in their God - But there are some Jews whom you have set over the affairs of the province of Babylon - Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego - who pay no attention to you, O King. Daniel 3:12 Our boys were quite aware what would happen to them if they disobyed the instructions - they would be thrown into the fiery furnace. But they would stand firm and bow to no one except their God and Father. They knew, that God would be with them in that furnace, they knew that God could deliver them from the furnace and they knew that they could also be delivered straight into His loving arms by the fire of the furnace.

We were given three different scenarios when we, the people of God face fiery trials and the outcome...

#1: We can be delivered from the fire and our faith is built.

#2: We can be delivered through the fire and our faith is refined.

#3: We can be delivered by the fire straight into the arms of our Loving Father and our faith is perfected.

I pondered the trial of my sister's cancer. How she was delivered through the fire and her faith refined. I thought of my friend Eden, who passed from cancer at the age of 37, and how she was delivered by the fire, and her faith was made perfect as she walked into the arms of Jesus. I thought of a friend in our small group Bible study, who was diagnosed with tumor in his brain, and the power of a neighbor's prayer which was this: that the tumor to be completely eradicated. When he went for more testing prior to his surgery - that tumor was gone - he was delivered from the fire and his faith, I guarantee you, was built. Yes siestas.... God can do what He says He can do! God is so good, that in those trials - He is with us, He will not abandon us, He delivers us - in His divine plan.
I pray, whatever your trial, that you know the Lord your God will be walking with you and will deliver you!


Ang baylis said...

Praise God!!!!

I am doing the Beth Moore Daniel study too... so I understand exactly what you mean! We are only on session 2, but I listened ahead because I am leading it at my home! Thank you for sharing!

I am so excited for your sister!!!
Angie xoxo

Charm & Grace said...

Wow, this really means a lot to me as my mother-in-love just had her last chemo treatment for breast cancer, and she was declared "cancer free" by her doctor. But, we all know that only God can really declare that and how we have prayed over her. She is beginning to get hair now and is being encouraged step by step that God is taking her out of this wilderness.

Thanks so much for sharing from the BM study. I have done all her studies except the Daniel one. But, your sharing about it makes me want to run out and get it.


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Cathy Nash said...

Wonderful thoughts on facing trials.
Best wishes!